BULBSOLOWith each client we have learned something new, a new skill or new idea. But that is the nature of our work, to be challenged to create something new, or to make something old new again.  Those challenges have become inspirations and have led some of the best people in our business, both clients and team members, to our door and us to theirs.

We have flown and lit people and things. We have designed and built sets, furniture and décor pieces. We have written and produced shows. We have made people dance, laugh and cry. We have inspired people to give to good causes. We have engineered one-of-a-kind moments and faux hotel rooms. We have made mediocre-looking places look beautiful, and made beautiful places look stunning. We have rigged and flown TV stars. We have inspired people to make positive changes in their lives by teaching them to fly, literally. We have opened airport terminals. We have flown Olympic gold medalist skaters high above much-loved mayors. We have scared people. We have produced cutting-edge video and graphics.

We are wood, muscle, dreams, coffee, inspiration, metal, artists, pulleys, speakers, stages, fabric, muses, sweat, reason, inspiration, fatigue, hope, friends, partners, challenged, lighting, ROI, busy, unseen, huggable, afraid to fail, wiser, evolving, advocates, push pins, gaff tape, gloves, sore feet, steady hands, kind words, and umbrellas.

After 15 years of creating industry-defining live shows for corporate, public and private clients with TrapezeWorld, it is time to open a new umbrella over all of the things we have learned. Welcome to Graham Day Creative.